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3 Tips to Get Traffic With Social Bookmarking Sites - Get Yourself Noticed!

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Social bookmarking sites are growing insanely day by day. The increase in their over all traffic is growing very speedily. These get millions of hits every month. You can take an an example of twitter, the social networking giant. It gets about 50 million hits a day. Now just think that if you can get a little portion of this hot targeted traffic. Today I am going to give you the three tips that you can use anytime and get a really good amount of traffic to your site in no time. 

1. Always write catchy title's - Eye catching titles should be the very first thing that you should learn to write. Without having a great title, your content wouldn't be even noticed. People like heading which have a number in them for example "5 ways to make money online". On the other hand, you can give your title a little bit of tweaking by adding the attractive work "secret" to it. For example, you can write 5 secrets to make money online that Gurus will not tell you. Now this is what I call a title. Make sure to give more than 50% of your time to write title as its the main thing. 

2. Give meaningful description - Description is another thing that a visitor will read before opening your bookmarked content. Make sure that the description you are providing is meaning full and to the point. Just avoid any extra words and write the summary of while article in 3-4 lines. Description should also be attractive and should give a reason to the visitors to see your content. 

3. Don't use auto social bookmarking software's - Yes! never ever use auto social bookmarking software's as they will just get your account banned and will not even send a single visitor to your site. I have purchased certain popular social bookmarking software's, but all they do is get my account banned. I will highly recommend you to do the work manually if you want good results. 

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Getting Started With Social-Media Ain’t Easy

4 keys to social-media success
So you have a Facebook page, and maybe a Twitter account. Great, that was easy! But … now what? If you’re having a hard time getting off the ground with your social-media campaigning, then these four tips are for you. Even for us social-media experts, it’s sometimes good to go back and remind ourselves of these cornerstones of success.
  1. Set a goal or two. Are you trying to increase brand awareness? Improve customer retention? Generate leads? Reduce marketing costs? Knowing exactly what you’re trying to accomplish will not only help you focus your time and efforts in the right places, but will make measuring your success possible. Without goals, how are you going to know if what you’re doing is “working”?
  2. Content, content, content. Ask anyone who’s successful in social media, and they’ll tell you that their success is tied directly both to the quality of their content, and to the regularity with which it’s published. If you want to move up in search results and stay relevant in the eyes of your constituents, then you’re going to need to publish quality stuff on a regular basis.
  3. Take stock and refine. Once you have a goal and are regularly publishing to achieve that goal, set yourself a time-frame over which to test it. Are you seeing the results you want? If not, it may be time to switch up your content strategy, or maybe even go back and refine your goals.
  4. Remember that social media is social. Although broadcasting great content is critical to your success, remember that we call these media “social” for a reason. If your followers respond to your content, don’t hesitate to interact with them. And don’t forget to reach out and follow others. This is a great way to see what your competition is doing (and you can bet they’ll be following you!).

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The Best Time to Post to the Most Popular Social Media Networks

Post By Trinity Arthurs  ---:--- Most people are already aware that when it comes to social media posting, it’s crucial to focus on providing as much value as possible. While it can be tempting to simply blast out messages that are self-promotional in nature, those generally aren’t anywhere close to being effective as sharing information that people find useful or engaging. However, because the Internet is such a busy place, simply sharing great content isn’t always enough to maximize the effectiveness of social media. In order to generate the best results possible, it’s vital to take other factors like timing into consideration. Although that may sound stressful, the good news is lots of analysis around this topic has already been done. That means you just need to learn that information, and then put it into practice.
Since Twitter is a very busy place, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s a lot of data. Out of everything that’s been studied, one of the most interesting findings is the fact that Twitter is extremely active on the weekends. Specifically, engagement with brands is a full 17% higher from Friday to Sunday than it is from Monday to Thursday.
While that’s a very interesting takeaway for businesses, it doesn’t mean you should only tweet on the weekends. Because there’s still plenty of activity during the week, you’ll want to stay engaged. When it comes to the best weekday times, that actually depends on your goal for individual tweets.
If you want as many people as possible to click-through, 12PM and 6PM are the two peak times. And if you’re going for retweets, 5PM is the ideal opportunity. So as you can see from both those facts, it’s best to focus the majority of your Twitter activity later in the day.
When it comes to Facebook, people get more active as the workweek gets closer to ending. Thursday and Friday are generally identified as the two days when engagement is the highest, with Sunday being next on the list. And when it comes to actually posting, 1PM has been pegged as the best hour for shares, while 3PM generates the most clicks. So if you want to strike a balance between those two goals, doing your social media publishing on Facebook during the early afternoon is a smart bet.
Google Plus
Although Facebook and Twitter are generally credited for making social media mainstream, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest have all become major social networks in fairly short amounts of time. Since there are signs that Google may use Plus to help influence SERPs, every business can benefit from posting on it. The best times for this network are 9AM to 11AM, while the worst is from 6PM to 7AM.
If you’re in the B2B space, LinkedIn can be very useful. The peak times for this network are right before and after work, so 7AM to 8:30AM and 5PM to 6PM. Tuesday and Thursday are the best days to post on LinkedIn, while any time from 9AM to 5PM on Monday and Friday is considered the worst.
For products and businesses that have to do with beauty, fashion, decorating, design or DIY in general, Pinterest can be a gold mine. The average Pinterest user spends more than 16 minutes on the site each time they visit! During the week, 2PM to 4PM and 8PM to 11PM are the best times to post. The other time that can work quite well is Saturday morning.
Although email is a different medium than social, given the fact that it plays an important role in the online marketing strategy of many businesses, it’s worth taking a quick look at the best time to hit send. According to various research, if you’re sending a promotional email to consumers, 6AM to 10AM and then 7PM to 10PM are the two sweet spots. And if you’re in the B2B market, 5PM to 7PM is the best time to send emails.
Now that you know the best times for social media posting, all that’s left for you to do is take what we covered and put it into action. Keep in mind that if you utilize a social media dashboard, you’ll be able to track your exact results and refine these times to the ideal range for your specific business.

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Top 3 Marketing Strategies for New Entrepreneurs

When it comes to starting a business or building an empire, you need to implement a marketing strategy to avoid the undeniable overwhelm. As a seasoned entrepreneur, I've had my share of juggling my own marketing campaigns with daily long to do lists. If you're just getting started, you don't usually have a lot of money to invest in spendy advertising or hiring a publicist. The next best thing for the new entrepreneur is to decide on your marketing style.

The easiest way to begin marketing your talents, is to just get started. Here are my top 3 Marketing Strategies for New Entrepreneurs who are looking to elevate their brand with good marketing.

1) Define your marketing style. I don't see this being talked about much on other websites, but I think it's one of the most important parts of your business. Your marketing style is unique to YOU, no one else. No one can tell you how to market your products and services, but they can help you uncover it. A marketing style will set you apart because it's done in an authentic way. Get to know the real you deep down inside and then use that spiritual part of you to tap into your marketing style. This will surely have you standing out in all your marketing efforts.

2) Make people feel special. Whatever you do, whether you are writing an article, a blog post, a newsletter, or sending out a mass email to your following, always write as if you are talking to one person. That one person is your avatar, or target market profile. Everyone wants to feel special; kinda like a girl on her first date with a man she admires. Make your audience feel special and in return they will help you feel special too. You'll know your marketing efforts are working, when you are getting a lot of warm and fuzzy emails and messages from people thanking you for all that you do. Now, that's good marketing!

3) Own your spotlight. Don't be afraid to email your list regularly or showcase your beliefs in your marketing efforts. People don't like vanilla or people who play it safe. It's only natural to admire those who are owning who they are with zest and charisma. Share your strong opinion about what you don't like or how you enjoy eating cheese puffs while watching The Bachelor. The more you are comfortable being yourself and letting your true self shine through, it's only a matter of time before your tribe discovers you and follows you all the way to the bank.

In closing, marketing isn't cookie cutter. There are always a zillion ways to do things and what works for one marketer may not work for you. Stay true to yourself and your marketing efforts will be fun and truly unique. And the best part-- is you get to be creative and shine your best self to world.

If you're too busy running your business to even think about marketing -- this is what you've been waiting for. Now you can instantly generate all the customers, profits and business you could ever want.. with practically no work on your part just visit the link:

Business Systems Analyst at Xtreme Consulting Group, Inc.   

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50 Best free SEO TOOLS for optimizing your site

Perambur Kumar <> I offer wide range of Free and Best SEO Tools to optimize your siteand increase your search engine visibility. Below you’ll find some best free SEO Tools. There are 100′s of SEO Tools available on Internet. But I’ve selected only 50 SEO Tools to improve your search engine rankings.
I don’t want to add some ordinary tools or broken tools to this list. SEO Tools listed here are equal to premium tools and that too for free of cost. I always offer best one for my site readers. Another important thing, the SEO Tools listed here are working at its very best and I also using these tools to optimize my websites. So before recommending to you, I am using these tools and I already got good rankings in search engines. So you need not worry about whether these tools are able to help your needs or not and you need not worry about whether these tools are broken one. I’ve more than 5 years experience in blogging. So you can believe me I always offer you some best one’s to my readers.
Google Algorithm always be the same for the past 5 years according to me. I mean the basics of algorithm remains the same. But Google going on adding some new things to its algorithm to match the needs of the users query in forms of Google Penguin Update, Google Panda Updates and Humingbird Updates.
1. Google Webmaster Tools – If you want to be found on the web, then use this wonderful tool. Submit your Sitemap.xml and add Google Verification Tag to your site. Google will do the rest. Get data, diagnostic for a healthy site and make sure your site getting indexed in Google Search Results Pages.
Main Features of Google Webmaster Tools : Index Status – Both Basic and Advanced, Content Keywords, Fetch as Googlebot, Search Queries, Links to your site, Manual Actions. So these are the main features of Google Webmaster Tools.
2. Google Analytics : Get comprehensive report of your site traffic. Use this tool wisely to get more traffic to your site. You can also join my Google Analytics Training.
Main Features of Google Analytics : Search Engine Optimization : 1. Queries 2. Top Landing Pages 3. Graphical Summary. So these are the main features of Google Analytics. Still more features in this tool, but I mentioned only some great features of this tool.
3. Complete SEO Analysis Tool by QuickSprout : Neil Patel invested 1,000′s of dollars to build this wonderful website. Infact this website is more than enough to analyze your site performance. There are 3 main categories in this analysis. 1. Website Analyzer 2. Social Media Analysis 3. Competitor Analysis.  You can compare your site with 3 main competitors of your site. This is the tremendous SEO Tools to get in-depth analysis after Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.
Main Features of QuickSprout SEO Tools : SEO Score, Speed Score, Mobile Devices, SEO Analysis, Social Media Impact, Backlinks Counter, Number of Indexed Pages, Keywords, SEO Recommendations, Speed Test, Speed Recommendations and much more. I personally recommend this SEO Tools not only to beginners but also for professional webmasters.
4. Google PageSpeed : Increase your site speed with the help of Google PageSpeed. You can also watch these videos on how to setup Google Page Speed to your blog.
5. Headline Analyzer : Whether your Post Title is SEO Friendly one. Check it here with this super headline analyzer SEO Tools.
6. Post Title Generator SEO Tool : Generate SEO Friendly Blog Post Titles and Get High Search Engine Traffic.
7. Hex Color Code Generator Tool : Choose exact color that matches your site needs. We’ve more than 1,500 colors to choose from. It can increase your site search engine visibility high and also reduces bounce rate.
8. Google Page Rank Checker : Check your Google Page Rank and perform well in Google Search Engine Results. The Google Page Rank Checker SEO Tool available in the sidebar of this site.
9. Meta Tag Analyzer : This meta tag analyzer seo tool will analyze your site page source completely and it also recommend some new suggestions to improve. For example : You can get the results relating to Post Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Robots Tag and finally Google Authorship Tag. You can also get Web Page Analysis additionally without paying anything to this tool usage.
10. Keyword Density Analyzer : This SEO Tool will help you to identify the Keyword Density in your web page. Infact this is the wonderful for newbies and also experienced webmasters. There are so many options listed here in this site to get comprehensive report about Keyword Density in a particular web page. Use this tool you’ll find useful.
11. Mobile Site Viewer : Test your site / blog in mobile site viewer. Because it’s very important now-a-days around 40% of the online audience are belongs to mobile users and it’s increasing day by day. So you can’t ignore this one. So this is the very important SEO Tool in the list of 50 SEO Tools. Another important thing most of my friends writing articles about Mobile Friendly Sites. But in reality their own sites is not an mobile friendly one. So before writing something like this, make sure your site is mobile friendly one then start writing a post on the same topic.
12. Analyze Your Site Speed with : Enter a URL to test the load time of that page, analyze it and find out the bottlenecks and rectify it. I strongly recommend this tool to every webmaster. You can also find out your DNS health.
13. Ping My URL : Submit your URL to more than 1,415 different sites at one click. Just enter your site URL and click the Submit button. That’s it.
14. Google Blog Search Ping Service : If your blog not listed in Google Search Index then submit your blog URL through this SEO Tool. You’ll blog will be indexed as early as possible.
15. Bing Webmaster Tools : Drive more visitors to your site bing data and tools.
16. Google Disavow Tool : Remove all links which are harm to your website or in other words remove links which are not helping your search engine rankings or otherwise called it as “Spam Links” Before using this tool read this page.This tool is very important while considering your site for Google Page Rank. So use this tool wisely and increase your Page Rank.
16. Google Trends : Subscribe to get Trends email alerts for the topics you care about. You can get more ideas how to select the best topic for your next blog post. So avail this tool and make your website always readers friendly site. Google Trends especially useful for News Sites and Multi Niche Blogs.
17. Plagiarism Checker : To use this plagiarism checker, please copy and paste your content in the box below, and then click on the big green button that says “Check for plagiarism!” then sit back and watch as your article is scanned for duplicated content.
18. Free Keyword Tool (Free Keyword Research Tools) : This keyword tool identified the most profitable keywords for your topic. Use the columns of data to help you decide which keywords to keep and which to delete using the X button. You can also filter single terms by hovering over words to activate the filter button. This tool helps to write SEO Friendly Keyword Reach Post Title and also Meta Description with professional touch.
19. Keyword Eye Basic (Free SEO Tool) : Get Keyword Suggestion, Competitor Analysis, Content Analysis, Question Finder and Link Analysis much more than you expected. This tool not gives your idea of keywords, it also shows the search volume, competition for that keywords and Google AdWords bidding for that keyword(s). So this is the ultimate tool to use for better search rankings of your post.
20. YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool : This tool not only helpful for producing videos on similar keywords but it also useful for creating content on that keywords.
21. Short and Long Tail Keywords Suggestion Tool : Get keyword ideas with Übersuggest the free keyword suggestion tool that makes good use of different suggest services.
22. Anchor Text Over Optimization SEO Tool : This tool provides you Anchor Text, Root Domains, Root Percentage, External Links, Link Percentage, Inbound Moz Rank and Moz Percentage. Complete analysis of Anchor Text here in this site. Just enter your domain URL and click the Submit button. You’ll get all the details for free.
23. Convert Word Document to Complete HTML Page Tool : It’s a free tool that converts any text document to complete html file. Use it and see the difference. I personally recommend this tool for my site readers.
24. Copyscape : Defend your site with a plagiarism warning banner and check your content is unique and original. Monitor web continuously for plagiarism. This one of the best tool to improve your search rankings. Because unique and quality content always play well in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
25. Link Checker Tool : This tool will check any broken links in your website (all pages) including the home page.
26. HTML Markup Validator Tool : You can check your HTML markup document or URL of your site here to see whether your site have no errors or some limited errors. So that it can be viewed in all browsers correctly.
27. CSS Validator Tool : This tool checks any error in your CSS.
28. Google Structured Data Testing Tool or Google Rich Snippets SEO Tool : You can check your Google+ Authorship and also Google+ Publisher Markup working correctly or not here with the help of this tool. Just enter the URL of your blog and click preview. If you see your Google+ profile picture snippets in the left side of the result then you’ve done the markup correctly otherwise rectify the errors and then submit your url of the webpage.
29. Robot.txt Generator : This helps you to generate Robot.txt file.
30. Robot.txt Checker : This tool validates /robots.txt files according to the robots exclusion de-facto standard. This tool gives you perfect idea how to write Robot.txt file. So you need not worry about creating Robot.txt anymore after using this above two SEO Tools.
31. SEO Tool to Optimize Your Title Tag and Meta Description Tag : You can easily optimize your Post Title and Meta Description Tag with this wonderful free SEO Tool.
32. Image SEO Tool : Checks images on a page for common mistakes that affect users and Google. Checks for alt tags usage, dimensions, and spam.
33.  Great 14 SEO Tools to Optimize Your Site : The SEO Tools listed in this page is very useful one. For example : Image SEO Tool, SEO Page Spider, Google Webmaster Guidelines Checker, Link Report – DoFollow / NoFollow, Social Media Count and much more..Infact Google Webmaster Guidelines Checker tool is awesome that too at free of cost.
34. Address Schema : Tool adds structured data to a postal address. This makes the postal address “machine readable” to search engines. Small businesses in particular can benefit from this and should include such markup on their websites.
35. SEO Spider Tool : Get Complete analysis of your webpage.
36. If Modified Since Tool : This tool shows whether Google received your modified page request or not.
37. Think with Google : Is a Site or Tool you can call it whatever you like. This site or tool is must for business entrepreneurs. Find out more on this site. If you want to design a Infographics with lots of information and statistics then you must visit this site. Lot of useful information and statistics available here.
38. Alexa Toolbar : Improve your Alexa Ranking within a shorter period of time. Install Alexa Toolbar immediately. It not only boost your Alexa Ranking it also boost your fellow bloggers Alexa Ranking so this is the best tool for SEO.
39. Google+ Business : Your Google+ page connects you with customers, whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps, Google+ or mobile devices. Best of all, it’s free. Really, we mean it.  You can also apply through Google Places for Business.
40. Google AdWords Keyword Planner : Plan your search campaign and learn what your customers looking for. You can also use this wonderful tool for writing blog posts and selecting the best niche which gives high earnings.
41. Open Site Explorer : Check your Domain Authority, Page Authority, Page Link Metrics and Page Link Social Metrics.
42. Social Metrics Tools : Hootsuite – is a good all around social media tool to use for management and metrics tracking. You can schedule posts from multiple social media channels as well as create over 30 individual reports. The free metrics are somewhat limited, but for beginners it’s all you will need.
43. Facebook Insights : Insights provide measurements on your Page’s performance and are available after at least 30 people like your Page. Find anonymized demographic data and much more…
44. Free Social Media Count Tool – Social Metrics Tool : This is the free tool to find out how many social votes a page has. Tool checks Google+, Facebook likes & shares, Twitter mentions, Linkedin, and Pinterest.
45. Twitter Analytics : Measure and Boost your impact on Twitter. I recommend this strongly to my site readers and fans of Facebook and Twitter to use it.
46. Add Pin it Button to Your Web Browser : The Pin It button makes it easy to Pin things you find on the web—like a recipe from your favorite food blog or a photo from a travel site. You can easily pin any of your favorite articles once you install this pin it button to your browser.
47. Submit Your Site to 70 Search Engines at One Click : You can submit to major search engines includes Google, Yahoo and Bing at one click.
48. DMCA Takedown Service : If your content is copied then you can apply for removal by submitting DMCA Takedown Service Form.  Before that you can read this page thoroughly and then apply is my request. DMCA How it Works
49. Ahrefs Site Explorer : Huge index of links, data updates every 15 minutes, friendly interface and rich data analysis have made Site Explorer the world’s most powerful tool for checking links. The tool can show links (including new and internal), linking domains, anchors, and best pages of a domain.
50. SEMRush ; Professional SEO Software for Beginners and Professionals in Global Internet Marketing, Web Developers and Webmasters.

Why You Need to Like Other Facebook Pages

One area where companies fail to use social media properly is by only posting their own content on the social media sites. You need to provide content from other sources that shows you as a curator of helpful information. Of course, you can include your own content, but you need to remember that social media is not about you and your company. It’s about your fans and what you can do for them.

Second, by liking other pages, you stand a good chance that they will reciprocate and like your page. This then puts your updates into their newsfeed, so long as they don’t unfollow you, meaning that while they still like your page, they don’t want to see your updates. This can often be the result of companies either posting way too often or posting too much of their own content.
So, where do you find good pages to like? Start by finding a single page that will interest you and your fans. In the example shown in the picture, I’m choosing the Pennsylvania Dental Association’s (PDA) page. I work in the professional (not consumer) dental field, so I gravitated to this pretty easily. Look at the area within the starburst. This is the area that shows which pages the PDA likes.
There’s a very good chance that these pages will be of interest to you as well if you were in the dental community. Here is just as sample of pages that they have liked that would probably of interest to people in the dental field:

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Truly Connecting With Your Target Audience on Social Media

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The best ways to connect with your target audience
You may have the most amazing, most profound, brilliant content in the universe; however, if you don’t share it with anyone else (or very few people), what will it do for you and your business? The answer is that it won’t do very much at all. Of course, that is not an irreversible situation. You can make changes to the situation, which will boost your reputation, give you solid credibility, and position you as a subject matter expert. At that point, you will be in the best position to solve the problems of the members of your target audience. You will be driven by the marketing principle of WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?). What that means is that no matter how amazing you and your business are and no matter what you say you can do, if you are not able to solve the other person’s problem(s), it won’t amount to a hill of beans. It has to be all about the other person. It can’t be about you (not in any situation that develops).
Without a strong connection to your target audience, it really doesn’t matter how much or what you have to say because nobody will read (or hear) about it. In that case, all of your efforts will have been for naught. It is very important for you to understand exactly what purpose your content serves for you and how you should make the most of it for maximum success. First of all, it is very important that you understand that your content is a means to an end. It is a vehicle through which you can spread your “gospel.” It is the way in which you will be able to connect your brand to your target audience. Of course, you should definitely not take for granted the idea that you may be facing challenges in that regard. It is not always as easy as “one, two, three” when it comes to making a solid connection between your brand and your audience.

Succeeding at connecting your brand with your target audience

You can assume that your content is amazing and profound (which it probably is). Why else would you be allowing your name to be associated with it? With that assumption driving you, you must now figure out get your content connected with your target audience quickly. There are several approaches that you can take.
  • Your social interactions should drive your content, not the other way around: Even if you have the best-written, most exciting content around, it doesn’t mean that it will necessarily elicit the response that you are hoping for from the members of your target audience. When you evaluate your content, if you can’t truly answer “yes” to that question. In other words, your content just doesn’t do it for your audience, you need to revisit the writing of your content and make sure that you revise it in such a way so that you have no doubt that your target audience will not only read your content from beginning to end but that they will also be hungry for more when they have digested what you shared with them. There are several elements that will cause your content to be a raging success. Each element is a part of the whole and you need each and every one of them in order to succeed. Your content must obviously be well written and educational. Additionally, it must be visually pleasing and it must be user-friendly on all of the possible social media platforms that people will be inclined to use. That is critical for you and your business.
  • Nominate your influencers right away: It is important to always bear in mind that you are the only person who is not allowed to boast about your business. If you do, it will seem conceited and obnoxious. Everyone else can do it as much as they like and their recommendations of your offerings, brand, and of you will be surrounded by credibility. It is just the way that it is! However, you shouldn’t feel that you have absolutely no control over the situation. The power that you hold in your hands is the power to choose who you want to share your story with others. Whether you realize it or not, you are surrounded by influencers in your niche or industry. You should take advantage of that fact because those influencers will be more than happy to help you. Of course, you can return the favor and recommend what they have to offer as well.
  • Put out a solid, reliable product and/or service: No matter what, you must never put out an inferior product or inferior services. Wherever you originally set the bar, the only place that you can go from there is up. Your high quality is why you are succeeding professionally. It would be suicidal to mess with that. You are definitely too smart for that. You have already proven that you have the ability to produce top-shelf material so don’t get lazy or comfortable because you need to continually prove yourself to the other people with whom you are connected. It is well worth your time and effort in the long run.